Ammanni Charitable Trust ® was started with the blessings of elders on 16th April 2001 with the intention of serving the society at large. Smt.Shaila Pedamatam, Florida, Maimi, United States of America is the key anchor in promoting the Trust. The name Ammanni is the name of great grand mother of Smt.Shaila Pedamatam who is a poor by birth bring her son Late Sri.V.Nanjundappa as a Assistant Commissioner, Government of Karnataka in the year 1956 from Rs.30.00 salary per month. By virtue of Punctuality, Non corruptive, serving the people of Karnataka Late Sri.V.Nanjundappa brought his children and make the Ammanni Charitable Trust a reality one in the society.

AMMANNI CHARITABLE TRUST® is a special task force to serve fellow beings and to create a healthy and peaceful world, which lives together as one loving caring family.

The Trust has been formed by people who have experienced contentment in themselves and trained to create a healthy, harmonious and peaceful life. We carry out a mission that the greatest leaders of all times, like the Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira set forth in their lives - the mission of creating a world of universal love and brotherhood, a world which lives like one caring family. It is for us to restore confidence and show the efficacy of the wholesome qualities in each individual and help them so as to create an environment of freedom.

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